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Our Story

Ruby's Roots Organics™ and  Di Di Payne Artistry™


Di Di Payne Artistry™ is agitating the status quo within the beauty industry and disrupting the way that fashion, beauty, and wellness intersect. Under the leadership of Di Di Payne, a new innovative approach to cranial prosthetics, wellness, and beauty has emerged through her brands Ruby's Roots Organics™ .But, the magic doesn't stop there - under The Kreative Ninja Academy™ , Di Di has bridged the gap for professionals through a curated

design development academy. Ruby's Roots Organics™  is the only beauty brand to also have a professional Para-Medical Salon , Di Di Payne Artistry™


Ruby's Roots Organics™ was named after my grandmother Ruby Payne. Since I was 8 years old I had a love for Beauty but never knew that my passion would turn into my career! In 2008 I was initially diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and after a series of Biopsies, Medication and Radiation I was told my " Cancer" was Graves Disease!? Call it botched science or Divine Intervention I was healed! However my hair and my skin initially did not recover. It would take me 3 more years to find a solution to my hair loss and patchy skin problems. After crafting these handmade products in my apartment and using them on myself, I caught the attention of my colleagues who would buy them from me every two weeks. After going to Cosmetology school, opening up my first salon suite, then ultimately my salon I finally had the courage to expand ! So with love and encouragement from my faithful clients, my colleagues and most importantly my family, I bring you Ruby's Roots Organics™

We invite you to take a peek at our  Kreative approach to beauty.

Meet The Team

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