Di Di Payne-Kimbrough

Hair & Makeup Artist ,

2018-2019 Regional Emmy Winner for "I AM" WFAA

Di Di Payne - Kimbrough is a free lance Makeup Artist and Hairstylist who is licensed, professional and reliable. She specializes in Commercial and Theatrical Production industries. She is experienced in multi-textural hair, makeup , male grooming and nails. Di Di has worked many years in this industry and can create the cleanest or the dirtiest look requested :)



Hair + Makeup | 

All Hair and Makeup was done by Di Di Payne-Kimbrough under this portfolio Unless otherwise noted.

Print+ Media | 

This portfolio contains images were Di Di Payne either did hair , makeup or nails. Image will be marked with a M,H,N or a combination respectively.

Theater |

This portfolio contains images were Di Di Payne created Special f/x  or Theatrical looks.




Special F/x