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3 Tips: To add volume in curly hair

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Hi, Curl friend! Be ready to get a bouncy hair you've always wanted!

Tip #1 - Try doing everything upside down

After washing and conditioning flip your hair upside down so that the hair roots are pulled away from your head. This is a trick for your hair to fall and causes the roots to stand up and create volume.

Tip #2 - Layered hair cut

Get a hairstyle with layers because a hairstyle that’s all one length can weigh down your curls.

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Tip #3 - Use the right products

Find and use products that works for you. Take note that this product should have lighter texture. Ruby's Roots Organics Revive Me: Curl Amplifier is a natural curl’s best friend. Designed to define each separate curl or wave while adding va-va-voom volume, shine, and distinct texture, it works wonders for natural curl styling.

Also, you can extend the life of your wash day by using Refresh Me Moisturizing Cleanser. This is a natural cleanser refreshes the hair and scalp without water, leaving your curls, locs, braids and extensions intact.

Enjoy and rock your bouncy hair! And make sure you share this to your curl friend too!

All products can purchase online or store pick-up. Follow and check out our Instagram account and Facebook page for more! Thank you, curl friend!

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