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Healthy Hair Wanted? Hair Analysis

In order to have healthy hair you have to first have a healthy lifestyle. There's more about that in the Blog, "Healthy You, Healthy Hair." This blog is focused on the journey in which you will go through to obtain and maintain healthy hair. 

    Anything worth having is worth working for. You want to lose weight? you have to diet and exercise.  You want to make more money? You have to get better skilled. The same philosophy applies to your hair. I tell all my clients when they come your healthy hair is a journey. Too many people are consumed with overnight solutions. No one becomes successful overnight, not even your hair. 

     At Di Di Payne Artistry your journey starts with the inside of your hair and then we work our way out. 

With your Hair Analysis you will receive information about your Porosity, Density , Elasticity and Texture.These three things are vital to determine what type of shampoo, conditioner, hair color and styles you will be able to achieve. 

Your Porosity is your hairs ability to absorb moisture, your Elasticity is your hairs ability to stretch and return w/o breakage , your Density is your hairs Diameter the number of hairs per square inch and your Texture or Hair Type is the shape of your strand. 

You want to invest in a journey with your hairstylist to ensure you are receiving the right moisture and hydration based on this analysis. They should discuss with you when you need a conditioning or protein treatment, trim and or to lay off heat when necessary. 

You have to budget for your hair like you do any other bill, so that you are never tempted to be behind

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