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Healthy You, Healthy Hair! Start Your Journey

In order to have healthy hair you have to first have a healthy lifestyle.

When creating a Hair Journey for my clients, I tend to have them write short term and long term goals. I spend time discovering what it is that they do on a regular basis and what lifestyle changes if any they foresee. In addition to this, as things change in their life they are to keep me informed.

Take client Stanisha W. has been with me for a while. Two years ago she wrote on her vision board she wanted to stop relaxing her hair and wanted bra strap length hair all natural no relaxer. Based on that we created a plan . 1. She could only use the products I mix from her from my Ruby's Roots line 2. Eliminate stress 3. I am the only person who could touch her hair. Two years later she has mid back length hair.

The first step in the process is receiving your Hair Analysis.

With your Hair Analysis you will receive information about your Porosity, Density , Elasticity and Texture. These three things are vital to determine what type of shampoo, conditioner, hair color and styles you will be able to achieve.

Your Porosity is your hairs ability to absorb moisture, your Elasticity is your hairs ability to stretch and return w/o breakage , your Density is your hairs Diameter the number of hairs per square inch and your Texture or Hair Type is the shape of your strand.

You want to invest in a journey with your hairstylist to ensure you are receiving the right moisture and hydration based on this analysis. They should discuss with you when you need a conditioning or protein treatment, trim and or to lay off heat when necessary.

You have to budget for your hair like you do any other bill, so that you are never tempted to be behind.

The second process is health consultation

Your health effects your hair. If you suffer from alopecia, high blood pressure, thyroid etc these things effect the outcome of your hair. So if your goals do not line up with the medical condition then we have to adjust.

The third process is goal writing or vision board.

Write down realistic goals for your hair, we will work together on what services you will need that lines up with the goals for your hair. Attach pictures. Your goals have to be realistic!

The fourth process is accountability,

I have my clients sign a contract ( non-binding of course) but it is to help you mentally prepare to take on this journey and not skip steps. We check in with each other each service and update as we go on.

If you are ready to start your journey, book your Hair Analysis Consultation today!

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