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How to properly cleanse your scalp while wearing your braids and weaves

Braids and Weaves are a great way to add length, volume or even save time. With most braids and weaves being able to stay in 4-8 weeks, cleansing your scalp properly is vital to the over health of your hair. The best advise I can give you if you want your hair to be washed with shampoo and conditioner is to to first ask your stylist. Then schedule an appointment with your stylist for them to perform this service. If your stylist accepts the challenge of shampooing your hair then they usually can ensure that it is done properly and that if in the event you loose a braid or a stitch in your sew in becomes loose they will be able to repair it on the spot preventing your any embarrassment. I offer Sew-In Maintenance for my clients with stipulation. You must get it within the first 3 weeks, if not it's practically useless. For those in between moments I offer a Scalp Cleanse for my clients to help them with dry scalp, sweat and itchiness. Here is my step by step guide to cleansing your scalp properly. 

Scalp Cleanse can be purchased here on the website or in Salon. 

1. Use Ruby's Roots Scalp Cleanse or you can use a mild shampoo or Sea Breeze and apply sparingly to each section of your hair.

2. Gently finger the product through the scalp or for Weaves use a narrow tip applicator bottle to apply the solution directly to the scalp or for Weaves use a flexible pic comb or soft end rat tail comb to go between the braids and break up the dirt. 

3. For Braids take a warm wash cloth and gentle wipe away the excess dirt that's left after manipulating the scalp in Step 2. 

3.  If you used Ruby's Roots Scalp Cleanse or Sea Breeze then you will need to let the scalp air dry, then apply a ligjht oil that will seal the moisture back such as Ruby's Roots Braid Oil,  Shea Oil ( Not Butter) , Grapeseed Oil or Sunflower Oil.  

4. If you used a mild shampoo on your scalp with your Weave Extensions then you will need to rinse with water as hot as you can stand , rinsing You will then need to repeat steps 1 twice then get under a hooded dryer until your hair is COMPLETELY dry . ( approx 1 to 2 hours) Once completed follow steps 3 for re-moisture.. 

Note Braids and Weaves have an expiration. See How long should I keep it? Blog for more information. 

Ruby's Roots products can be purchased online or in the Salon. 

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