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Loc Journey: The Many Phases of Locs

So you say you want locs?

I get many request a month from clients who want to start locs. I always try to inform each client that starting and growing healthy locs is a journey and not something that is a fad. The journey is challenging and sometimes long but the end results are phenomenal. I have listed the phases of a loc journey so that you may understand what to expect!

Stage I: (Starter) - The time frame is different for each person it can be 3 months up to 9 months during this process. – The point of this process is to train your hair to not only be uniformed but to be able to coil from root to tip. Any straight hair or inconsistencies is recommended to be trimmed to start this process properly.

Stage 2: Budding (Sprouting) – Immediately follows the Starter stage and can be anywhere from the 4th month to the 10th month. Once your locs start budding, new partings will NOT be done. Locs are re-twisted in the same pattern and partings as previous to make sure the locs are uniformed. The hair can be puffy during this stage and inconsistent within the shaft.

Stage 3: Locking Stage – Depends on the texture of your hair this stage can overlap with the Budding stage. However typically it starts immediately after Budding. The locs in this stage will drop and function mostly on their own. Shampooing will not loosen the locs.

Stage 4: Maturity- The locs are neat, consistent and interwoven. Some textures will still have curly ends or swollen shafts but that is normal. Consistent growth will happen.

Sage 5: Rooted – Some locs especially in men will tend to thin due to normal shedding. Genetics/Heredity plays a part in the way these locs thin but there are things that can minimize the effects.

If you feel that you can take this journey on, feel free to book your first starter appointment.

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