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Taking Care Of Your Hair In The Summer

Things to remember before swimming:

1. Wet your hair ( with non chlorine water) before going swimming.

Why? Our hair is very porous, once saturated with moisture very little chlorine can penetrate it.

2. Coconut Oil or Olive on hair before swimming as a mask.

* not Coconut Oil is not an oil I recommend for daily use. It is definitely one to use as a mask and one that will be shampooed out. Apply a layer or oil to your hair prior to swimming. I recommend doing #1 then follow with #2.

3. Wear a swim cap.

This will prevent you from having to do #1 or #2. If you wear a proper swim cap you wont have to worry about your hair getting wet.

How to protect your hair from the sun:

1. Use a natural oil that protect: Sunflower Oil has natural UV/UVA/UVB protectant. * note ally of my RUBY'S ROOTS products contain the amount of sunflower oil needed for sun protection.

2. Wear a hat... a really cute hat :)

3. Get a Hydration Treatment and a Protein Treatment. Like the Snuggie Snugg which combines both. It will provide your hair with the needed moisture and hydration balance.

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