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4 Easy Steps: Hair Care Routine

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Hi, Curl friend! Want to have a hair routine but don't know what to do and product to use?

Relax. Ruby's Roots Organics got you! Plus, I'll be sharing very easy steps and the products you shouldn't live without!

Step #1 - Properly wash your hair

To properly wash you your hair, start using a shampoo and conditioner that works for you. Go for natural products that have less ingredients but give maximum results. Revive Me: Intense Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner are natural hair products that are free of harsh chemicals. No Sodium Lauryl, no Laureth Sulfates (SLS), and no parabens, means a frizz-free you! Rinse well.

Step #2 - Air dry or Diffuse

Air drying works best because it limits direct heat to your curls and maintains hair's texture. The use of a diffuser helps cut down drying time and makes sure your curls stay in place.

Step #3 - Scrunch technique

Use your fingers to gently scrunch your hair while it's not completely dry. Do this step

with Restore Me: Dual Leave-In Conditioner & Loc Solution. A natural hair leave in that strengthens your hair while preventing breakage, this dual action conditioner is weightless enough to prevent build up while smoothing, detangling, and adding shine to the hair shaft.

As a Leave-In : Mist entire head, scrunch from end to root.

As a Loc Solution: Saturate locs by spraying product over entire head concentrating on new growth. Follow with Revive Me: Curl Amplifier to seal. This is a natural curl’s best friend. Designed to define each separate curl or wave while adding va-va-voom volume, shine, and distinct texture, it works wonders for natural curl styling.

Step #4 - Slay and share

All done! it's time to slay and make sure you share this to your curl friend too!

All products can purchase online or store pick-up. Follow and check out our Instagram account and Facebook page for more Thank you, curl friend!

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